FREE RESOURCE: the atom + Eve Project: Using Science in Pastoral Ministry

From 2011-13, the Washington Theological Union, with the financial support of the John Templeton Foundation, hosted four conferences “to encourage a lively conversation between scientists and theologians on big issues of common interest such as creation, evolution, and spirituality.” Videos, audio feeds and .PDF texts of each of the 16 talks are available for free at (or you can click on any of the links below). By providing free access to these resources, the hope is that “they will continue to serve as a source of increased knowledge about science and awareness of its importance for pastoral ministry on the part of bishops, priests, deacons, and other ministers in the Catholic Church and beyond.”

Topics are as follows:

  • CONFERENCE 1: The Origin of the Universe – November 12, 2011
    •  “Modern Physics, the Beginning, and Creation,” Dr. Stephen M. Barr, theoretical physicist, University of Delaware
    • “What the Bible Can Contribute to an Understanding of Divine Creation,” Dr. Robert D. Miller, Catholic University
    •  “Modern Cosmology, Building a Better Container for the Human Soul,” Dr. Sten Odenwald, astronomer, NASA
    •  “Theology and the Big Bang,” Abbot James D. Wiseman, O.S.B., Catholic University
  • CONFERENCE 2: The Origin of Life and its Development – April 14, 2012
    • “Mutualism in the Darwinian Scenario,” Dr. Robert Ulanowicz, University of Maryland
    • “Darwinian Natural Selection and Why Theology Can’t Do Without It,” Dr. Daryl Domning, paleontologist, Howard University
    • “What Does It Mean to Have a Soul?” Abbot James Wiseman, O.S.B., Catholic University
    • “Human Development: Ethical Implications,” Dr. John W. Crossin, O.S.F.S., Executive Director, Washington Theological Consortium
  • CONFERENCE 3: Primate “Ethics” and Human Morality – November 10, 2012
    • “Sin, Suffering, and Salvation: What Does Evolution Say about Them?” Dr. Daryl Domning, paleontologist, Howard University
    • “Human Evolution and the Development of Intellectual and Spiritual Culture,” Dr. Rick Potts, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
    • “The Bible, Evolution and the Catholic Understanding of Original Sin,” Dr. Joseph F. Wimmer, O.S.A., Washington Theological Union
    •  “Evolution and Ethics: Suffering, Moral Evil, and Virtue,” Dr. Kevin O’Neil, C.SS.R., Washington Theological Union
  • CONFERENCE 4: Spirituality in an Evolutionary World – March 16, 2013
    • “Are the Universe and Its Laws Designed for Life?” Dr. Steven M. Barr, theoretical physicist, University of Delaware
    • “The Anthropic Principle in Psychological Science and Christian Theology,” Dr. Everett Worthington, psychologist, George Mason University
    •  “The Material Turn,” Dr. Michael J. Scanlon, OSA, Villanova University
    •  “Christ in Evolution,” Dr. Ilia Delio, OSF, Senior Fellow, Woodstock Center, Georgetown University

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