Special Topics

Listed below are a selection of possible topics for your Special Topic sessions, as mentioned in the Planning Guide. The purpose of these Special Topic sessions is to allow you to choose topics for your small group that are relevant to what your group members are asking/experiencing. Topics will be added as I review the material:

1) Knowledge of the Faith

Sacred Scripture

Person of Christ

Creed & Doctrines

  1. Adam, Eve, and Original Sin
  2. Evolution and the Catholic Church: Are They in Conflict?
  3. The Fundamentalist Challenge
  4. God, Evolution, and the Redemptive Future
  5. What Catholics Believe: A Popular Overview of Catholic Teaching

Church History

  1. A Tour of a Catholic Church

2) Liturgical Life

  1. Celebrating Mary: Feasts of Our Lady
  2. ADVENT: Rest Stops for a Rushed People (Year A, Cycle II)


  1. A Walk Through the Mass

Paschal Mystery

3) Moral Formation


  1. 5 Virtues for Hard Economic Times
  2. How to Handle Anger With God
  3. Your Conscience and Church Teaching: How Do They Fit Together?

4) Prayer


  1. Examen of Consciousness: Finding God in All Things

5) Communal Life

  1. 10 Tips for Married Couples: Love for the Long Haul
  2. Healing Your Painful Memories
  3. How God Invites Us to Grow: Six Stages of Faith Development

6) Missionary Spirit

Social Justice

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