Casting a Vision

In 1997, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy published the The General Directory for Catechesis, a resource that has “help[ed] shape the way we pass on the faith as we move into the new millennium” (New Guide to Teaching the Faith: A Popular Overview of the General Directory for Catechesis, St. Anthony Messenger Press). Below are some key passages from the GDC:

“Faith is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, making of oneself a disciple of him. This demands a permanent commitment to think like him, to judge like him and to live as he lived. In this way the believer unites himself to the community of disciples and appropriates the faith of the Church.” (#53)

“The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ. All evangelizing activity is understood as promoting communion with Jesus Christ.” (#80)

“Frequently, many who present themselves for catechesis truly require genuine conversion. Because of this the Church usually desires that the first stage in the catechetical process be dedicated to ensuring conversion….The peculiar nature of this situation is found in the fact that missionary activity is directed towards the baptized of all ages….” (#62, 58c)

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