All That We Need

5th Sunday of Easter | May 7, 2023

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Additional homilies from this day in the liturgical season: Easter 5A – 2014, 2020

The summer of my 8th grade year, we moved into the home that my parents still live in.

And for the 1st time, I would have my own room.  I was so excited

Now, the previous owner of the room had been a small child, so I walked into a room with a border of trains and airplanes circling my bed and the promise that one day we would repaint the room.  And yes, the room was a tad small.  Like when I put in a dresser, bedside table and bed, I had about a square foot of carpet to stand on.

But it was mine.  And that was all that mattered

Well the years went by.  I graduated high school.  I went to college.  I entered the Oblates.

And one weekend, when I visited my home.  My room was completely redone.

A new guest room now stood where my bedroom had once been.

No more trains or planes.  No more high school trophies on the shelf or knick knacks from vacation on the dresser.  Just a generic comforter.  

It was a bit of a shock to say the least.  I guess I kinda thought that even though my life kept changing, the rest of the world would stay still.  That when I traveled back to Harrisburg, nothing would be different.  Everything would be as I remembered it as a 17 year old kid.  

But nope.  

And in that moment, I realized that my home had moved.  

It had moved to where the Oblates had sent me.  And somehow I had missed this transition

And yet, when I got back to DC and looked around, I understood this Gospel in a whole new way.

For that promise that a room will always be prepared for us.

I realized that this promise is not simply about the future.

It is about our right now.

This moment.

For it is here that God has led us, even as he prepares for the next moment we are heading into.

And it is here that is prepared for us.

Lovingly constructed from the lives we have led and the people who have shared them with us.

I look around my room now and I see exactly what has been prepared.

I see photos.  So many photos.

Of my family.  My mom and dad.  My brothers and sister-in-law.  My beautiful niece.  My grandparents.  Godparents.  Aunts and uncles.

Of friends, from high school and college.  Of Oblate brothers and work colleagues.

Of students and graduates.  Of students I have buried and students I have married.

I see symbols of every school I have ever worked.  From Allentown Central Catholic to Salesianum.  All of the places that formed into the educator that I am and hope to one day be.

I see books in abundance, all of the different passions that I love, and yes quite a few baby yoda items. 

And I see symbols of the faith that has guided me throughout my life.  

And in all that I am surrounded with, I am reminded that this is what it means to know a room has been prepared for us.

For each of us has all that we need for the next step.  The next room that awaits us.

For we too have our family and friends.  Our mentors and colleagues.  Those people who believe in us.  Cherish us.  Who help us be at home wherever we find ourselves. Who love us and remind us daily that we are enough.

We too have our passions and our work.  We too have the places and opportunities that will make us who we are and transform us into who we will become.  We too have the memories and experiences that define us, that shape us, that warm our hearts and bring a tear to our eyes.

And we have our faith.  Our God whose blessings gently rest upon our shoulders. Whose healing touch gently mends the broken pieces of body mind and soul that we accumulate along the way.  Whose strength gives us courage.  Whose wisdom gives us direction.  Whose love makes us whole

Here we are my friends.  The 5th Week of Easter.

Standing in one room prepared for us, even as we glimpse the next one on the horizon.

And no matter where we stand.  We are home.

We will always be at home.

May God be Praised.

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