Blog upkeep (20/100).

The effort of writing everyday is starting to get to me 😩 I have just as many ideas about what to write, I just haven’t felt like sitting in front of a computer and getting it out of my system.

Today, I spent over an hour updating the archive of a regular series on the blog, Salesian Sermons (take a look here). I didn’t write anything mind-blowing for this post, but I’m hoping that it saved enough creative energy for me to catch up and write the next post.

A little background. Salesians Sermons features homilies from Brian Zumbrum, OSFS, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales and a friend/classmate from grad school. While my capacity to blog regularly has fluctuated over the years, Brian’s homilies have provided a reason for me to keep the blog’s porch light on all these years.

Another concrete example of friendship being so key to our faith journey. When you feel like quitting, sometimes it’s easier to push forward when you choose to do something for someone else 🙂

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