NOOMA Study Based on Lent Readings, Year B

Just updated the links for 2018. Unfortunately, it looks like there is currently no clear way to download individual films. More details in the updated post. – JD

Leaven in the World

[UPDATE 1/12/2018: It looks like the websites to download the NOOMA films and free discussion guides  ( and are not active at this time, and their social media presence hasn’t been active since November 2017. You can still purchase the 2-DVD set of NOOMA films for $39.99 from Amazon, which include .PDFs of the discussion guides (only 20 left in stock!). It’s unclear how to access previously purchased digital downloads. I’ve reached out to the Flannel staff for any insight they can provide. – JD]

*To purchase NOOMA 2-DVD set, click here: NOOMA Complete Collection (<– This is an affiliate link. 100% of the proceeds from sales in 2018 will be donated to Cornerstones, Inc.]

Hey everyone. I’m posting this later than I’d preferred, but hopefully those of you who are looking to take on a personal devotion as your Lenten observance…

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