ROUND-UP: 4 Justice & Service Resources Your Youth Ministry

Back in November (has it really been that long??), I outlined some steps youth ministry leaders can take to make sure their ministries are healthy and thriving (click here to take a look). Step #4 mentions the 8 components from Renewing the Vision that are necessary in a comprehensive youth ministry.

Below, I’ve listed some resources that might be helpful in addressing the Justice & Service component. If you have any resources you’d like to recommend, please be sure to leave a comment!

#1) Making the Hours Count: Transforming Your Service Experience by Constance Fourré (2006)

Description from website:

Reflection combined with experience is powerful. Making the Hours Count guides young people in reflecting on their service experience to help them understand the world, their own values, and themselves on a deeper level. They will learn to solve problems and handle conflict creatively, will understand why some inequalities exist, and will learn how experiences can influence people’s lives. They will have a chance to reflect on how being Catholic can help form their ideals and anchor their sense of place in the world.

#2) JusticeWalking for High School/Youth by JustFaith Ministries

  • Target Audience: Older teens (grades 11-12)
  • Cost: About $30/35 per student + $225 annual fee gives your parish or school access to JusticeWalking comprehensive materials and consultation.
  • Click here to learn more.
Description from website:

JusticeWalking (J-Walking) is a small-group conversion process that initiates high school students and adult coordinators into life-affirming relationships to be transformed by the Gospel and the application of Catholic social teaching. This prayerful process brings adults and older high school students into a small Christian community in order to practice Gospel-based living. Over the course of 12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, J-Walkers dialogue, reflect and experiment with the application of the Gospel and Catholic social teachings to their lives.

#3) Young Neighbors in Action by Center for Ministry Development

  • Target Audience: Rising 10th-graders and older
  • Cost: $390/participant
  • Dates listed are mostly late June and July, and some locations are already full.
  • Click here to learn more.
Description from website:

Young Neighbors in Action offers your teens a week of participating in mission, growing in faith, joining in prayer and serving those in need. The theme for 2015 is all about our call to make a difference in the world! We are to be salt for the earth and a light in the darkness for all. Join us for a summer mission trip that will change hearts!

#4) Just5Days by Center for Ministry Development

  • Target Audience: Rising 7th, 8th, and 9th-graders
  • Cost: $275/participant
  • Dates listed are mostly late June and July, and some locations are already full.
  • Click here to learn more.

Just5Days is a five-day experience of service, hands-on learning activities, prayer and liturgy, and community building designed for groups of middle school youth and their adult leaders from Catholic parishes and schools.

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