ROUND-UP: 7 Advent Small Group Studies for Year B

Happy Thursday, everyone! I decided to publish this post a little earlier than I did last year since I see that people are already on the hunt for resources for their Advent small groups (which is awesome!). To take a look at last year’s round-up (which also includes resources that can be used for any liturgical year), click here. To read about how to effectively promote your Advent small groups, check out this post.

This year, the first Sunday of Advent is on November 30, 2014, so some groups may be meeting as early as November 23. Just like before, this is just to give you an idea of what’s out there — I’d love to hear what’s happening in your own parishes!

#1) Threshold Bible Study (3 options): Advent Light, Angels of God or Mark (parts 1 & 2)

Description from publisher, 23rd Publications:

Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture study program, designed for both personal study and group discussion. The characters, places, and images that you will encounter in each of these topical studies will help you explore new dimensions of your faith and discover deeper insights for your spiritual life.

#2) Little Rock Scripture Study: The Infancy Narratives of Jesus

  • Price: $13.00/set
  • Click here to read book details.
  • Answer guide provided here.

Description from publisher, Liturgical Press

This study has 4 sessions, incorporating an introductory session and 3 lessons. The Study Set includes a Study Guide by Jerome Kodell, O.S.B., and a commentary, Advent of the Savior, by Stephen J. Binz (Liturgical Press).

Both the theme and the short length of this study (4 sessions) make it ideal for Advent study. It focuses on the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke, the only gospels which describe the wondrous events surrounding the birth of the Messiah. This study also explores the many significant connections these two gospels make between the Old Testament and the birth of the Savior. Rich insights will be made as these two gospels are opened to reveal the special contribution each makes to our understanding of Jesus’ nativity. Deepen your longing for the Messiah’s coming again and ask God to be Emmanuel, “God with us.”

#3) Journey Through Lent by Art Zannoni

  • Price: $8.14 (online price)/reproducible handouts + license to reproduce or email to you group members
  • Click here to sample.

Description from publisher, 23rd Publications:

Scripture scholar, retreat leader, professor, and author — Art Zannoni again delivers an excellent reproducible resource for Advent. Within this resource are four separate prayer and reflection resources, useful for meetings, small groups, homilies, visits to nursing homes, or any other setting during Advent. Beautifully illustrated and laid out, this resource will find its way into many areas of parish life.

#4) Alert to God’s Presence by Diocese of Portsmouth Team

  • Price: $9.85 (online price)/reproducible handouts + license to reproduce or email to your group members
  • Click here to sample.

Description from publisher, 23rd Publications:

This reproducible eResource provides both content and faith sharing starter questions for small groups during Advent. The Sunday and Feast day readings come alive in this resource, helping participants integrate them into their daily lives.

All elements of this eResource are reproducible and you get a license for use in your own parish. You may also email the elements of this to people who must miss a meeting, or to leaders as they prepare.

#5) The Living Gospel: Daily Devotions for Advent 2014 by R. Scott Hurd (2014)

Description from publisher, Ave Maria Press:

As a popular homilist, speaker, and blogger, Father Scott Hurd is immersed in day-to-day pastoral care and leadership. He gracefully draws the cares, concerns, and joys of his fellow Catholics into the larger story of the Advent gospel readings and provides a simple blueprint for prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth in anticipation of Christmas.

#6) The Unsheltered Heart: An At-Home Advent Retreat by Ronald Patrick Raab, CSC (2011)

  • Price: $5.95/booklet
  • Click here to sample and read reviews of the book.
  • Click here to download the free small group guide.

Description from publisher, Ave Maria Press:

Inspired by the author’s ministry with Portland, Oregon’s most marginalized people and based on the Sunday gospel readings (included), this Advent booklet is unique in its profound challenge to find Christ in the disarming presence of the poor. This at-home, self-directed retreat follows the same widely praised format used in The Unsheltered Heart books for each liturgical cycle.

#7) Advent Awakenings: Take the Time by Renew International

  • Price: $7.95/book (quantity price applicable)
  • Click here to sample and access free downloadable resources for the series.

Description from publisher, Renew International:

Prepare for Jesus’ coming by setting aside everyday busyness and become more deeply aware of God’s call. Appropriate for seasonal groups, small Christian communities, and individual reflection and prayer.

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