ROUND-UP: 8 Live Online Events to Check Out This Month

Setting aside the fact that I think terms like webinar and virtual workshop are hilariously outdated (along with GeoCities pages, referring to yourself as a “webmaster,” and adding a lowercase “e” or “i” as a prefix to whatever word you please), I am totally on board with the concept of online learning.

So without further ado, listed below (in chronological order) are some events that caught my eye, and are taking place live and online in February. In other words, you are welcome to participate from the comfort of your own home or office. I know I’ll be taking part in at least one — maybe I’ll see you there!

#1) The Living Gospel: Warming Hearts this Lent through Witness and Story

  • Presented by: Sr. Terry Rickard, O.P.
  • Date: Tues 2/4 @ 3 – 4pm EST
  • Cost: FREE
  • Click here to register.

Description from Ave Maria Press:

Pope Francis encourages us to be a Church that warms hearts. One of the best ways to warm hearts, whether teaching or preaching, is through witness and story: helping people encounter God in the ordinary stuff of life.

Sr. Terry Rickard, O.P., president and executive director of RENEW International, will share best practices for gathering powerful personal stories, incorporating the sharing of witness into your Lenten parish experience, and fostering an ongoing culture of witness among parishioners.

#2) Sacraments as Opportunities for Family Renewal

  • Presented by: Jane Angha and Joan Weber
  • Date: Wed 2/5 @ 2 – 3pm EST
  • Cost: $25
  • Click here to register.

Description from the Center for Ministry Development:

This one-hour webinar opens up the possibilities for families to hit the restart button on their spiritual life together! We know how important these moments are in the lives of families, so let’s make the most of them and enable families to experience, learn, and celebrate their faith in a new way. Prayer, discussion, reflection, outreach, and celebration are all part of renewal – learn practical ways to engage families and jumpstart their faith!

#3) Lent: A Crash Course in Christianity for the Elect

  • Presented by: Diana Macalintal, Nick Wagner, and Rory Cooney
  • Date: Thurs 2/13 @ 2 – 3pm ET
  • Cost: $25 $15
  • Click here to register.

Description from TeamRCIA:

In Change Our Hearts: Daily Meditations for Lent, liturgical composer Rory Cooney writes, “The lectionary readings chosen for Lent each year are like a crash course in Christianity, a road map for the journey to Easter.”

Join TeamRCIA for an online discussion with Rory during which we will discover the essential ways in which lenten catechesis is both a reminder of baptism already received as well as preparation for those who are about to be initiated into Christ Jesus. Specifically, Nick and Diana will ask Rory to speak about:

  • Why the readings of Lent are so important for the elect
  • What the readings of Lent entail
  • How to catechize from the lenten liturgies
  • What could happen in our parishes if we took the lenten readings seriously

#4) Under the Influence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ

  • Presented by: Joe Paprocki, DMin
  • Date: Thurs 2/13 @ 8 – 9pm EST
  • Cost: FREE
  • Click here to register.

Description from Loyola Press:

The most important relationships are life-changing because they bring about a shift in your priorities and a transformation in your outlook. This is true of the single-most important relationship in your life: your relationship with Jesus. In this Webinar, Under the Infuence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ, Joe Paprocki, DMin, captures and explores the essence of what happens to a person when he or she encounters Christ. This transformation is characterized, above all, by a profound lack of inhibition—the same lack of inhibition that caused people to suspect that the Apostles were “under the influence” when they proclaimed the Gospel for the first time on Pentecost (Acts 2:13).

This Webinar will help you to recapture the simplicity and power of that first proclamation of the Gospel so that you, in turn, can re-introduce people to Jesus in a way that truly transforms hearts and minds—precisely what the New Evangelization calls us to do!

#5) Preparing your Parish’s Journey Through Lent: Encouraging Participation in our Shared Sacrifice of the Mass

  • Presented by: Paul Turner
  • Dates (select one):
    • Thurs 2/13 @ 7:30pm EST
    • Fri 2/14 @ 1pm EST
    • Sat 2/15 @ 11am EST
  • Cost: $30
  • Click here to register.

Description from Liturgy Training Publications:

In this Virtual Workshop, Paul Turner unpacks the meaning of the sacrifice of the Mass. In pastoral language, he explores more deeply how our participation in the Mass unites to Christ. Participants will become aware of the sacrifice Christ made for us, how we participate in this sacrifice each time we gather and participate in the Eucharistic mystery, how we give back as his disciples, and how we lead others by preparing and serving at the liturgy.

#6) Moving Beyond Patriarchy: Discussion of Biblical Interpretation

  • Presented by: Sr. Sandra Schneiders
  • Date: Sat 2/15 @ 3 – 4pm EST
  • Cost: $10 (donation)
  • Click here to register.

Description from FutureChurch:

Join us for an honest discussion of scriptural interpretation and its influence on the structure and practices of the church. As a group we will explore the role feminist biblical scholarship in interpreting the Word of God.

Sr. Sandra Schneiders is Professor Emerita of New Testament Studies and Christian Spirituality in the Jesuit School of Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkley.

#7) Pope Francis and Reaching Inactive Catholics

  • Presented by: Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP
  • Date: Tues 2/18 @ 2pm EST
  • Cost: FREE
  • Click here to register.

Description from Paulist Evangelization Ministries:

This webinar will explore the opportunities that Pope Francis gives the Church in our basic approach to inactive Catholics, and some ways to begin inviting and involving these Catholics again in a more active life of faith.

Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP, has long been involved in inviting people to become active in the Church. This seminar can help us be prepared for the Lenten and Post-Lenten seasons when time might be ripe to design approaches for inactive Catholics.

#8) Where Two or Three are Texting: Incarnation and Sacrament in a Virtual World

  • Presented by: Jonathan F. Sullivan
  • Date: Tues 2/18 @ 3 – 4pm EST
  • Cost: FREE
  • Click here to register (you’ll need to scroll down).

Description from Ave Maria Press:

The young people in our schools and parishes are increasingly citizens of a virtual world where they carry out many traditionally “physical” activities, including living out their faith! Other Christian communities are experimenting with “online church.” What is an “online church” and is it an option for Catholics? How does the “digital continent” influence the way we prepare young people and catechumens to receive the sacraments?

This webinar will explore these questions and offer some avenues for appropriate use of digital technologies in living our faith.

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