FREE RESOURCES: Daily Advent Reflections & FAQs

[UPDATE 5/26/15: In June 2014, Liguori Publications purchased Catholic Update and other parish resources from Franciscan Media. As such, the text for any small group series I’ve created utilizing Catholic Update or Scripture From Scratch is no longer available to view for free online, however, I will do my best to provide links to purchase hard copies, which are available at the Liguori Publications website.]

If you’re interested in providing your small group members with ways to journey through Advent during the week, I’ve pulled the following articles written in years past for Catholic Update. Since 2014-15 will be Sunday Year A, Weekday Cycle II, below are previous articles which fall within that same timeframe:

  1. Advent Day by Day: Opening Doors to Joy – Kathy Coffey (Advent 2014)
  2. Rest Stops for a Rushed People – Susan K. Rowland (Advent 2008)
  3. Advent Day by Day: Search for Light – Phyllis Zagano (Advent 2002)

Want to provide some background on Advent for your members? Check out the articles below!

  • Advent FAQs
  • Advent/Christmas Scripture From Scratch Mini-Course – Gain “a biblical grounding for the observance of Advent and the celebration of Christmas.”

And, since Advent readings are replete with references to the Second Coming, here are some clarifying articles about what this topic exactly means for Catholics:

  • Raptured or Not? A Catholic Understanding – Michael D. Guinan, OFM
  • Understanding the Apocalypse – Wilfrid Harrington, OP

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