FREE RESOURCE: Enthrone the Bible at Home

[UPDATE 5/26/15Unfortunately, this resource is no longer available for download at 23rd Publications.]

Steve Binz, the author of the Threshold Bible Study, has created a resource for your small group members, currently available for free from 23rd Publications.

From the website:

This lovely resource provides the actual prayer service a household could use to enthrone the Bible in a place of honor. It also includes some starter suggestions about how to read the Bible.

To download the prayer service, click here. [NOTE: When I placed the order for the prayer service, it took about 13 hours for it to be sent to my inbox so be prepared to plan for this if you want to use it for a specific event. It is definitely worth waiting for, with a nice background on bible enthronement, as well as an extra section of Scripture verses to use when making it part of your prayer life.]

To read more about the Threshold Bible Study, click here. Recommendations for this study come from scholars and theologians, including:

  • Leslie J. Hoppe, OFM, Professor of Old Testament Studies, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
  • Peter Phan, The Ignacio Ellacuria Professor of Catholic Social Thought, Georgetown University
  • Sandra M. Schneiders, Professor of New Testament and Spirituality, Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley
  • For more recommendations, click here.

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