RESOURCE: Living Your Strengths Journey Kit

Discover Your God-Given Talents & Inspire Your Community

…remember that God has given you a unique combination of talents. God also places within you a calling — a calling to serve others and advance the cause of Christ and the Church, a calling to ministry. Your calling is what God wants you to do with your life; your talents and strengths determine how you will get it done. When you discover your talents, you begin to discover your calling.

Like everyone, you’ve been blessed by God with a deep reservoir of untapped potential. The potential is your talent, waiting to be discovered and put it to use in your life. It’s time for you to unleash the power of that potential and begin to discover your unique talents (Living Your Strengths 2).

The 7 sessions, as outlined by Gallup Press in the Living Your Strengths Journey Kit, are as follows. To purchase the kit for $499.95, just click here. If you’d like to be your own copy for $20 without purchasing the entire kit, you can order the book on Amazon here (remember to order a new copy, since you can’t re-use old codes for the StrengthsFinder test).

  1. Orientation: Introduction to the Living Your Strengths Journey
  2. The Power of the Right Fit
  3. The World of Talent: Your “Best You” in 34 Themes
  4. Using Your Talents for Growth and Service
  5. Finding the Right Fit
  6. Creating Strengths-Based Congregations
  7. Discovering a Calling

RESOURCES: Living Your StrengthsLiving Your Strengths Journey Kit

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