ROUND-UP: 5 More Lenten Small Group Studies

After receiving additional recommendations for Lenten Studies being used in Catholic parishes, I thought I would re-visit this topic in case you haven’t nailed down what materials you’ll be using this Lent. (To see my first round-up of Lenten resources, click here.) I’ve also included resources that are available for download at the time of purchase.

If you want to get a full month of marketing/promotion for your Lenten small groups before your official launch date, then now is the time to get those orders in! Here’s another sample of what the publishers are offering:

#1) Open Our Hearts: A Small Group Guide for an Active Lent by Sr. Donna Ciangio, O.P., and Fr. Tom Iwanowski (2010)

  • Price: $5.95/booklet
  • Click here to sample the book and read reviews.

Description from publisher, Ave Maria Press:

This Lectionary-based, small-group booklet contains everything needed for a successful parish-based Lenten program, including soup recipes for groups that want to begin or end each session with a simple meal. The booklet provides a basic introduction, guidelines for small-group faith sharing, and daily scripture reflections to keep parishioners engaged throughout each week.

  • Built on the Gospel: Meeting outlines provide the Sunday Gospel readings, thought-provoking commentary, conversation questions, prayer, activities, and suggestions for Christian living.
  • Focused on Mission: The conviction and commitment of the authors’ work on behalf of the Kingdom of God comes through in every aspect of this timely project, which is both challenging and empowering.

#2) The Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus – Study Set by Stephen Binz (1992)

  • Price: $14.00/set
  • Click here to read book details.
  • Also available in Spanish here.

Description from publisher, Liturgical Press:

This study has 7 sessions, incorporating an introductory session and 6 lessons. The Study Set includes a Study Guide by Stephen J. Binz and a commentary, The Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus, also by Stephen J. Binz (Liturgical Press).

The passion and resurrection of Christ are at the core of Christian faith and form the capstone of each of the four gospels. This study opens Matthew, Mark, Luke and John individually to reveal the special insights each has preserved. Examining the passion and resurrection will challenge you to incorporate both the pain of the cross and the hope of the resurrection into daily living. Many Scripture study groups have found this study to be ideal for Lenten/Easter study. Frequently, these groups will study the passion during Lent (Lessons 1–4), break for Holy Week, and resume study during Easter to examine the resurrection narratives (Lessons 5–6).

#3) Around the Lenten Circle 2017 by Teresa Keogh

  • Price: $12.00/reproducible handouts + license to reproduce or email to you group members
  • Click here to sample.

Description from publisher, 23rd Publications:

This reproducible eResource provides both content and faith sharing starter questions for small groups during Lent. The Sunday readings come alive in this resource, helping participants integrate them into their daily lives.

Beautifully illustrated and laid out, this resource will find its way into many areas of parish life. Each includes:

  • Opening prayer
  • Conversation starters for reflecting back on the last week
  • Scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments
  • Reflections with insights on the readings and how they may speak to us today
  • Questions for reflection and conversation
  • Closing prayer

#4) Journey Through Lent by Art Zannoni

  • Price: $11.00/reproducible handouts + license to reproduce or email to you group members
  • Click here to sample.

Description from publisher, 23rd Publications:

Let Scripture scholar Art Zannoni lead you through the Sundays of Lent with brilliant insight and carefully prepared reflections. These 4-page reproducible weekly resources include an opening prayer, faith-sharing questions, and an excellent commentary on the readings. Perfect for homily prep, small group use, or personal use. Use them at parish meetings or in classes throughout Lent.

#5) Living the Eucharist by Paulist Evangelization Ministries

  • Price: $49.95/1 pack of 10 Small Group Participant’s Booklets + $6.95/Small Group Leader’s Guide for Adults
  • Click here to preview materials.
  • Also available in Spanish and for teens here.

Description from website:

Living the Eucharist is a new, parish-based program designed to help revitalize parish life and spirituality through a more profound experience of Sunday Mass. It helps the entire parish—adults, teens, and families—grow in their Catholic faith and live more fully as disciples of Jesus.

This Lenten program renews and heightens parishioner involvement in the Sunday Eucharist, helps parishioners connect the celebration of the Eucharist more closely with the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church, and inspires them to live more intentionally as disciples of Jesus during the week.

Small Faith-Sharing Groups for Adults meet weekly during Lent to learn more about the Eucharist, pray one of the upcoming Sunday Mass readings using lectio divina, strengthen their sense of community, and prepare to renew their baptismal promises at Easter.

NOTE: While Living the Eucharist is designed to be a comprehensive program for the entire parish, it is possible for individual small groups to order materials (i.e., the participant booklets and leader’s guide), even if the parish is not signed up for the program as a whole.

This post has been updated — originally published January 2014.


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